WMA Newsletter – November/December 2016


 November/December 2016

Here’s a brief glance at what you’ll find in the November/December issue…


When should you pull the trigger on Social Security benefits?

When is it appropriate to start collecting Social Security benefits? As this article discusses, the answer to that question depends on such factors as the amount of benefits, additional assets, life expectancy and marital status. Individuals are also encouraged to consider the effect of earnings if they plan to work while receiving benefits. A table shows how full retirement age is determined.


Falling markets, though inevitable, provide opportunities

Investors don’t necessarily have to suffer when markets are volatile. As this article explains, investors with long-term objectives and broadly diversified portfolios can probably ignore short-term market fluctuations. In fact, volatility can provide opportunities to invest in stocks that previously were too expensive. Taking advantage of such buying opportunities may position investors for better performance.


Weighing the pros and cons of LTC insurance

Few people want to think about the possibility that they might need long-term care (LTC). But it’s important to do so, and LTC insurance can help. This article weighs the benefits of LTC insurance with the cost of the premiums and explains some of the terminology used in LTC policies.


Self-directed IRAs: Watch out for these 3 tax traps

Although self-directed IRAs enable account holders to invest in nontraditional assets such as real estate, they also contain several potential tax traps. This short article warns about unrelated business taxable income, unrelated debt-financed income and prohibited transactions.


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