tax minimization strategies

Tax minimization is more than just simply maximizing the amount of money you keep in your pocket at income tax time; it’s a long-term engagement and an important component of the overall financial planning process.

At Wealth Management Advisors, we leverage our Accounting skills to incorporate effective tax minimization strategies into the overall planning process whenever possible.

Our advisors incorporate tax minimization strategies into the financial planning process on an on-going basis: doing so requires a high level of understanding of tax issues and a deep insight about each clients’ unique needs.

Tax Minimization Strategies may include:

Choosing tax-efficient investments, both in the accumulation stage and as you begin to draw income from your assets
Taking advantage of capital losses
Income splitting though Spousal RSPs and pension income splitting
Utilizing “asset location” as well as asset allocation to lower overall taxes paid on investment gains
Estate planning issues such as an estate freeze and/or setting up a family trust
Maximizing charitable giving strategies


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