CPA Wealth Manager: Tax Time Presents Simple Opportunities To Assess Your Financial Plans

Like most people, I have piles of documents in my den.  Collecting the documents is easy, you put them in piles and hopefully deal with them later. Compiling information from the right documents for the right reasons is harder. 

During this time of year we see tax documents dropping into our mailboxes and this typically causes our attention to turn to: “Wow! How much did I make last year?” and then ultimately to “Where the heck did it all go?”

Now is the a great time for you to get your hands around your spending and income as you figure out what you spend for your deductible charitable contributions and medical expenses.  Why not pull more information together so you can make some longer term decisions.  The average person spends around 13 hours per year on their tax filings but little or no time on Financial Planning for the future.  Its no wonder that so many are falling short of retirement goals and coming up short on paying for college educations. 

With the right documents in hand, spend an extra hour while you pull together your tax stuff and put together a summary of your financial goals and assess your overall spending for the year.  With this you can make start to make some positive moves toward those financial goals.  Make an appointment with a Fee-Only Advisor to help on the road to fiscal fitness!  Call 877-448-3400 for a free initial consultation with the credentialed fiduciary advisors at Wealth Management Advisors, LLC and follow us @WealthThink and @ChronosWealth on Twitter